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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Approachably Abrasive

Have you been to a protest lately? Tea Party? Occupy? …Vietnam? We’ve all heard how protests are handled in China. Throughout my time there, I had heard from the locals and expats bits and pieces about this topic, solidifying my notions about protests being a no-no. In fact, I heard that all organized gatherings were … Continue reading »

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Disabled in China

Hello Readers! I hope you enjoyed my time in Hong Kong last week. Any questions about that? No? Good. Let’s move on. Okay, so this week, we go back to the mainland; back to Zhuhai. Living there, I got to go a little deeper with some of my experiences. And on one morning in my … Continue reading »

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Hong Kong: From Me to You

Okay. So after Macau last week, now it’s time to jump over to the other side of the delta to see the other recently-handed-over, former Western colony in these parts: Hong Kong It’s a place we’ve all heard of, but most know little about. And that’s a small shame, because Hong Kong isn’t “just another … Continue reading »

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Macau, China: Casinos, Cannons, and Cremation

Macau just might be one of the coolest places you’ve never heard of. I hadn’t until I moved to Zhuhai, the city in China adjacent to its north. Because of this proximity, I was lucky enough to check it out. Now, so can you. So what’s up with this place called Macau? Well, there’s the … Continue reading »

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