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Letting Go, Letting Life

The trek was over. I got back to Zhuhai, my home in China for the past eleven months. But though I was done trekking, I wasn’t through with traveling: I had 48 left in China to ready for a long journey back to Minnesota. This included the boring stuff like getting all my money out … Continue reading »

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Tai Chi: What Goes Around Comes Around

It had only been two days on this mountain in Hubei province. But in a whole new environment—-one that encouraged the focus of every moment, no less—this meant a concentrated, super-saturated 48 hours that provided enough fodder for two previous blog posts. Yes, Einstein, time is relative, and seeing this play out when living on … Continue reading »

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Bamboo U

I heard over the years that we Americans are supposed to be threatened by the countless graduates being pumped out of the universities over in China. Well I figured I ought to check things out for myself. But threat schmet, I was just darned interested in seeing what a college setting out there looked like. … Continue reading »

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Hong Kong: From Me to You

Okay. So after Macau last week, now it’s time to jump over to the other side of the delta to see the other recently-handed-over, former Western colony in these parts: Hong Kong It’s a place we’ve all heard of, but most know little about. And that’s a small shame, because Hong Kong isn’t “just another … Continue reading »

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Macau, China: Casinos, Cannons, and Cremation

Macau just might be one of the coolest places you’ve never heard of. I hadn’t until I moved to Zhuhai, the city in China adjacent to its north. Because of this proximity, I was lucky enough to check it out. Now, so can you. So what’s up with this place called Macau? Well, there’s the … Continue reading »

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Back to School Part Two: Student Teaching

The semester was under way. I was in full swing teaching English: flinging the verbage and nounage and adjectiveage in my best Minnesotanese. And though it may seem a more boring or ordinary example of what I did in China—certainly a more regular one—this steady involvement also created an intimacy which, in turn, allowed for … Continue reading »

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Back to School Part One: Getting Schooled

Through all the honks and beeps of chaotic street traffic, past all the beautiful landscapes, the tranquility of forty-five elderly folks performing tai chi in the city square each Saturday morning, or heck, the oddity of seeing alligators for sale at the market, it was easy to forget about the most involved aspect of my … Continue reading »

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An Introduction

GREETINGS READERS! My name is Brandon Ferdig—born and raised in northern Minnesota. What an opportunity this is to share with you a year I lived in that other-worldly land called China! It’s a country we hear all about these days, but know surprisingly little about. Are the people there friendly? Are they poor? Was the Internet … Continue reading »

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