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Tai Chi: What Goes Around Comes Around

It had only been two days on this mountain in Hubei province. But in a whole new environment—-one that encouraged the focus of every moment, no less—this meant a concentrated, super-saturated 48 hours that provided enough fodder for two previous blog posts. Yes, Einstein, time is relative, and seeing this play out when living on … Continue reading »

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Old-School China = Bone-Breaking Pressure

In China around 1000 years ago, a unique trend began in the area of fashion, custom, and duty. Parents started to tightly wrap the feet of their young daughters so the feet wouldn’t grow large. This binding became extreme enough to require the breaking of the toes and of the arch. And it evolved to … Continue reading »

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Beijing: Emperors and Communists

After a lazy Sunday in Beijing, it was time to get into the nitty-gritty and get me an eduvacation. Beijing is one of the most storied capitals around. Its most recent chapters have been written while home to the government we all associate (and some define) with China: —the China Communist Party (CCP). But this … Continue reading »

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Macau, China: Casinos, Cannons, and Cremation

Macau just might be one of the coolest places you’ve never heard of. I hadn’t until I moved to Zhuhai, the city in China adjacent to its north. Because of this proximity, I was lucky enough to check it out. Now, so can you. So what’s up with this place called Macau? Well, there’s the … Continue reading »

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Back to School Part Two: Student Teaching

The semester was under way. I was in full swing teaching English: flinging the verbage and nounage and adjectiveage in my best Minnesotanese. And though it may seem a more boring or ordinary example of what I did in China—certainly a more regular one—this steady involvement also created an intimacy which, in turn, allowed for … Continue reading »

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